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Meet  Rosie!

We are exceptionally pleased to have Rosie and Lisa Pygott as part of our Green Oaks community.

At Green Oaks, we are fortunate to be able to offer additional provision to support children's social, emotional and behavioural development through Rosie the Green Oaks dog.

Rosie is a trained therapy dog and Lisa Pygott, her owner is an experienced teacher and qualified animal assisted practitioner.  Lisa and Rosie work with children and equip them with strategies to help them understand and regulate different emotions in order for them to thrive at Green Oaks.

Rosie helps to facilitate positive communication and interactions and Lisa, instils a sense of championship care towards Rosie and the dog, helping children to develop an empathetic approach to interacting with peers, family members and other people.



Inset Days for 2023/2024 

Monday 15th April 2024

Monday 3rd June 2024