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ELSA and Nurture

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, children can need some extra care, attention or someone to talk to.

At Green Oaks we have qualified Emotional Literacy Support Assistants who are trained by the Educational Psychology Service to support children who are finding it hard to manage their emotions.

This can be due to mental health, bereavement, separation or trauma.

Our ELSAs are able to provide both one-to-one and group sessions for children to help and support them during this time. If we think that ELSA sessions might help your child, you will be contacted by your class teacher to discuss how ELSA sessions might give the support needed.

Sometimes being part of a smaller group for some time each week can help children to build resilience, stop anxieties and build social skills. At Green Oaks we do this as part of our school nurture provision. Again, if we feel that your child would benefit from these sessions we will talk to you about how we think nurture sessions could be just the thing to help.



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