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Friends of Green Oaks

The Friends of Green Oaks is open to all our families, and is a group of family members and friends who come together to organise and run events for parents and children with the added bonus of helping to raise funds for the schools.  

The Friends of Green Oaks is a charitable organisation run in accordance with the Parent Teacher Association guidelines. 

It relies on a committee of volunteers who are willing to give their time, effort and kindness to make our schools the amazing places that they are. 

Anyone who has an association with our schools becomes part of our Green Oaks school community, whether you are a child, parent, guardian, or volunteer.  All are welcome to be a Friend of Green Oaks.

Some of the events that our Friends of Green Oaks have run are:

  • The Christmas Fun Day
    An opportunity for all of our children to take part in fun Christmas activities, see Father Christmas or visit the Elf Tombola!
  • Family Treasure Hunts           
    Whether its tracking down where the Easter Bunny has been or following a trail around the village our Green Oaks Treasure Hunts are always a fun way to get out and about with family and friends.
  • Summer Fayre                        
    The Annual Summer Fayre has it all – stalls, maypole, challenges and a BBQ!  A great way to bring us all together at the end of an exciting school year.
  • Curries or Fish and Chips,
  • Quizzes or Games
    There is something for everyone - whether its Bingo or Beetle, or getting a team together for a quiz night! Add in something to eat and drink and it’s a fun night out for all.
  • Summer Event
    Sometimes on the Green, sometimes at the Vic – wherever it is, it is always an opportunity for adults to get dressed up and  dance the  night away, all with food provided and a welcome glass of fizz!

All money raised by these amazing people goes straight back to the schools who use the money to contribute to developing specific projects or purchase items that we know will add value to the school environment – this leaves more of the main school budget for making sure children have the best possible education – thank you Friends of Green Oaks!  

If you are interested in joining the committee or would like to find out how to make a contribution, please contact   We would love to hear from you!

You can also find out information via our facebook page: