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Greenfields Staff

Meet the Staff: Greenfields Junior School

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Sue Tadman

Head of School

Mrs Ceri Johnston

Inclusion Leaders

Mrs Dayle Gosling & Mrs Jennifer

                     Lower Key Stage 2 Leaders                     

  Mr Jamie Andrews / Mrs Holly Barry / Mrs Fiona Magowan 

Upper Key Stage 2 Leaders

Mrs Arline Green / Miss Helen Mercer

Senior Business Manager

Mrs Sue Dale-Heaps

Class Teachers

Miss Sarah Brown

Mr Ben Clarke-Smith

Mrs Jayne Cole

Miss Ali Daffey

Mrs Jane Deedman

Mrs Jenny Field

Miss Lizzie Flynn

Miss Annabel Gallagher

Mrs Dayle Gosling

Mrs Jennifer Hill

Mrs Susie Lewington

Miss Katy Pitts

Miss Sam White

Teaching and Learning Assistants

Mrs Louise Barron, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Emma Checksfield, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant

Mrs Penny Elkington

Mrs Amanda Fisher

Mrs Jo Gelder

Miss Abigail Gibson

Miss Chanel Hamilton

Mrs Helen King

Mrs Danielle Marlow

Mrs Jenna Mead

Mrs Caroline Pugh

Mrs Ailee Scott

Office Staff

Mrs Ali Ashwood, Admin Assistant

Mrs Kirsty Dowding, Finance Assistant

Mrs Cindy Taylor, Admin Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Dawn Elborn

Mrs Lynda Ellis

Mrs Syeda Shahima

Site Staff

Mr Paul Brownhill, Caretaker


Reporting Your Child's Absence 

All parents are required to inform their child's school if they are absent, this includes absence from remote learning.

If your child is unwell or self-isolating, please call the School Office Absence Line giving your child's name, class and state one of the following reasons for absence:

Reason 1:  Your child has suspected Coronavirus [this means they have symptoms]

Reason 2: Your child has a confirmed positive test for Coronavirus

Reason 3: Your child is self-isolating as they have been in contact with a positive case of Coronavirus

Reason 4: Other illness or reason for absence [please give reason]

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class Reason 2"

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class Reason 4 upset tummy"