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Joining Greenfields 

Year 3 Admissions

All Year 2 pupils moving from Oakwood or another infant school will need to apply for a place at Greenfields Junior School through Hampshire School Admissions by the date given. 

Open Mornings

At Green Oaks, we offer you the opportunity to attend one of our Open Mornings at Greenfields in the Autumn Term.

At our Open Morning you will be able to attend a presentation from the Executive Headteacher who will talk to you about the vision, values and aims of Greenfields.  This is followed by a guided tour of the school where you will have the opportunity to talk to Governors, staff and pupils.

Transition to Greenfields

At Greenfields we know how important it is for your child to feel safe, happy and secure when they make the transition from infants to juniors.

We, therefore, work hard to build early relationships and start to get to know your child as soon as possible.  As part of the Green Oaks Federation, our Oakwood children will have had the opportunity to visit Greenfields for shared events and will already be familiar with the school.  Once you have accepted a place at Greenfields your child will be invited into school in the summer term to take part in our full transition programme.

This includes:

Getting to know you 

Our Year 3 teachers will be invited to visit Oakwood and meet with the children, take part in lessons and learn about how their day is structured in Key Stage 1.  There will be two visits, one in the morning and one in the afternoon – lots of time to start to build relationships.

Teaching together     

Our Year 2 and 3 teachers will plan a Mathematics and English lesson for the children and then teach the lessons together.  A great way for the Year 3 teachers to begin to understand the children’s strengths and next steps in learning.

Come on in!   

You are invited to come into Greenfields and join your child in some fun and exciting activities.  This will give you the opportunity to begin to get to know staff and for you and your child to take the first steps into Key Stage 2 together.

First steps      

The children are invited to visit Year 3 to take part in an induction session.  Our Year 3 teachers plan some exciting activities for the children that gives them the opportunity to get to know each other even better.

Meet your Buddy!     

The children are introduced to their very own Year 5 buddy who will talk to them about joining Greenfields and will then be there to give them a warm welcome on their first week at school. 

Welcome to Greenfields       

For our final transition visit we invite the children to stay for a day at Greenfields as part of their new class.   This gives you and your child the opportunity to start to familiarise yourself with the daily routine at Greenfields and feel confident about the step ahead into Key Stage 2.

That bit Xtra  

At Oakwood and Greenfields we understand that transition and change can be a little bit tricky for some children.  We therefore offer additional familiarisation visits for children during the second half of the summer term including a final special visit where they can spend time with their new class teacher as part of a smaller group. 

More information about starting school and our transition programme will be sent to parents as soon as a place is accepted.  We very much look forward to welcoming you to Greenfields and hope that you and your family form a long and happy association with us.

Applying for a school place in-year

This is when a child needs a school place outside of the usual transfer times, for example because of a house move or a change of school.

All in-year admissions will need to be made through a formal application through Hampshire School Admissions

If you are interested in joining Greenfields in-year you are welcome to contact us to make an appointment to come and look around.  We offer children who are joining  us the opportunity to visit their new class before starting full time.  This gives you and your child the chance to meet the class teacher and start to make new friends before starting at Greenfields. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Greenfields and the Green Oaks Federation soon.


Reporting Your Child's Absence 

All parents are required to inform their child's school if they are absent.

If your child is unwell, please call the School Office Absence Line giving your child's name, class and reason for absence:

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class - High Temperature