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Meet the Governors

  • Rups Whybrow, Chair of Governors, LEA Governor
  • Vicky Atkinson, Vice-Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor
  • Sue Tadman, Executive Headteacher
  • Jenny Cook, Oakwood Head of School
  • Ceri Johnston, Greenfields Head of School
  • Claudia Fivaz, Parent Governor
  • Clare Trimming, Parent Governor
  • Nick Arnold, Co-opted Governor
  • Karen Hicks, Co-opted Governor
  • Jo Davis, Co-opted Governor, Safeguarding Lead
  • Ali Fanshawe, Co-opted Governor
  • John Humphries, Co-opted Governor
  • Clark Millar, Co-opted Governor
  • Catherine Macdonald, Staff Governor



Reporting Your Child's Absence 

All parents are required to inform their child's school if they are absent, this includes absence from remote learning.

If your child is unwell or self-isolating, please call the School Office Absence Line giving your child's name, class and state one of the following reasons for absence:

Reason 1:  Your child has suspected Coronavirus [this means they have symptoms]

Reason 2: Your child has a confirmed positive test for Coronavirus

Reason 3: Your child is self-isolating as they have been in contact with a positive case of Coronavirus

Reason 4: Other illness or reason for absence [please give reason]

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class Reason 2"

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class Reason 4 upset tummy"