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Oakwood Infant School and Greenfields Junior School are both set within the historic village of Hartley Wintney in North East Hampshire.

The village is well known for its historic Oak Commons, Cricket Green and Parish Community.

The name Hartley Wintney was recorded in the 13th century as Hertleye Wynteneye which means “the clearing in the forest where the deer graze by Winta’s island”. Winta was probably a Saxon who owned the island in the marshes where a priory of Cistercian nuns was founded in the middle of the 12th Century.

In the 1800s Hartley Wintney began to prosper with tenant farms replacing the open fields. The coaching route from London to the West allowed various trades to flourish, housing was built along the coach road and this area became known as Hartley Row. The Hartley Wintney Cricket Club was formed in 1770 and continues to play on one of the oldest greens in the country.

In the 19th Century Hunts Common became the site for big annual fairs which continued until World War 1. The site now accommodates the Community Orchard planted in November 2000. The village still retains its historic links with the travelling and showman community and hosts regular fairs on the village common.

Early in the 19th Century, Lady St John Mildmay of Dogmersfield had our historic oak trees planted on the commons to provide wood for building the ships for the Royal Navy. Fortunately, the wood was never needed, and Oakwood Infant School now enjoys a privileged position nestled behind the embrace of these historic oaks. It was also during this century that the village began to grow, accommodating a brewery (now converted into offices) and a tan yard, schools and chapels. The village continued to grow throughout the 20th century and the population at that time was between 2300 and 2500. Currently, our village has an adult population of nearly 4000.

Today Hartley Wintney retains its essentially rural character and continues to thrive. The population has slowly increased in diversity and both our schools welcome the strength that this brings to our community.

Oakwood and Greenfields are proud to be part of our village community and we embrace the strength and partnership that this brings. We regularly take part in village events, including the annual village festival and have a strong association with other local groups and communities including our parish council, local pre-schools and sports clubs.