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Promoting Positive Behaviour

At Green Oaks we believe that children will only learn and thrive if they feel safe, secure and are part of a community that cares.

We therefore go above and beyond in building positive relationships with our families and children.

This starts as soon as you are welcomed into the Green Oaks Community and continues throughout your child’s time at Oakwood and Greenfields.   

The Green Oaks Rules

At Green Oaks we have three simple rules for ourselves, each other and our environment.

These are:

  • We show RESPECT
    Right thinking, right choice, right action
  • We LEARN
    Listen, engage, learn
  • We stay SAFE
    Think safe, keep safe, stay safe

It is the expectation at Green Oaks that all adults will deliberately model and relentlessly pursue our rules for the good of our community.

At Green Oaks we believe that children should be intrinsically self-motivated to give their best and make the right choices.  We actively promote a Growth Mindset and encourage children to appreciate that achievement comes from effort and learning.  We therefore do not use token economies to motivate children but rather give visible recognition to promote positive behaviour.  Our children understand that they will be recognised as individuals and as a community by upholding our values and rules.

Celebrating achievement the Green Oaks Way

When our children show that they understand our rules and values, and go above and beyond in showing this, we believe that this should be recognised!

We use different ways to recognise and celebrate achievement at an individual and class level.

Star of the week

Every one of our children is a star and deserves to be recognised for the amazing things that makes them unique and special.

Every week our class and school communities will take time to celebrate someone, giving and recording kind comments and recognising achievements on a page of compliments devoted just to them. We also invite parents and family to contribute their own kind comments about their child.  Our ‘stars’ are celebrated in our special assembly at the end of the week and receive a certificate to remind them of just how special they are.

The most important recognition comes from you as parents and carers.  Your child’s class teacher is always available at the end of the day for a quick catch up or to share good news when relevant.  Please remember that communication is two way and it is important for you to approach the teacher as well as the other way around! 

RESPECT Portfolios

At Green Oaks each pupil keeps their own personal RESPECT portfolio that allows them to tell their story as a member of the Green Oaks community.

The portfolio recognises each pupil’s journey through their time at Green Oaks and showcases their achievements and participation across school, home and the wider community. Each half term we focus on a core value and at the end of each year the children will present their portfolios to parents and receive their Respect Award.


Inset Days for 2023/2024 

Monday 15th April 2024

Monday 3rd June 2024