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School Lunches

Eating a cooked meal together is a really important part of developing social skills and also learning to eat healthily.

All of the meals provided at school have to be balanced giving children the recommended daily intake of different foods.

Our school meal provider is Education Catering and our school meals are cooked on the premises.  Menus change each week and include a vegetarian option and vegan option if required.  A copy of the menus that your child will be able to choose from will be sent home to you each term.  If your child has particular dietary needs please click here for more information around arranging a special diet.

We have worked hard to make school lunches part of the children’s education and to give them skills for life.  Every lunchtime the children come together in groups to share lunch.  This involves children sitting together, talking together and eating together. 

The tables are set for the children and the children collect their meal from the catering team, this includes vegetables, salads and bread.  Every meal is accompanied by a drink of water and children are able to select from a range of healthy puddings at the end of the meal. 

The majority of children choose to have a school meal due to the menu provided and value for money.  They also avoid the need for preparing food at home.  However, if families do wish to provide a packed lunch we ask them to follow the school’s guidelines for packed lunches.  These should be healthy, balanced and avoid high sugar, salt or calorie items.  Sweets and fizzy drinks are therefore not permitted as part of a packed lunch.

Lunchtimes are supervised by Lunchtime Supervisors and our Teaching and Learning Assistants and they are more than happy to talk to parents if they have any concerns over their child’s eating.  The school lunch break is staggered for all year groups and includes a supervised playtime after lunch.