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Green Oaks Federation

Oakwood Infant and Greenfields Junior School were successfully federated in September 2018 to become part of the Green Oaks Federation.

Both schools are under the leadership of an Executive Headteacher, and one Governing Body.  

Our schools sit close to each other within the historic village of Hartley Wintney, where we work hard to nurture our little acorns to begin to grow into great oaks.  Our village and schools have expanded over the years and we are fortunate to serve a community that has gently grown in population and diversity. 

Most of our pupils are from within our catchment area, however, we also have families from the surrounding areas who choose us due to our reputation and our relentless drive for excellence in education.  Our pupils usually join us from our local pre-schools and the vast majority will continue their learning journey through Oakwood and Greenfields onto Robert Mays Secondary School.


Reporting Your Child's Absence 

All parents are required to inform their child's school if they are absent, this includes absence from remote learning.

If your child is unwell or self-isolating, please call the School Office Absence Line giving your child's name, class and state one of the following reasons for absence:

Reason 1:  Your child has suspected Coronavirus [this means they have symptoms]

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class Reason 1 - Test booked for today @ 10.30 am"

Reason 2: Your child has a confirmed positive test for Coronavirus

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class Reason 2 - Positive Case confirmed today @ 11.00 am"

Reason 4: Other illness or reason for absence [please give reason]

Sample Message: "Mary Smith Ash Class Reason 4 - upset tummy"